On-going research project which analyses on a macro and micro scale how architecture, design and technology are responding to the future aging population. Observing and interviewing people from 20 to 90 years old, we want to understand aging and how we can deal with related challenges in the late stage of life.

Design and architecture are dead. We don’t need pretty variations of the same objects, colors, forms anymore. The society needs are beyond aesthetics and function. We need to shift from the ego-centrism to the socio-geo-centrism. Rebels of a new era, we need to aspire for a long-lasting, sustainable, and social-solutions-based future. We must recycle, reintegrate, retrain, remarket our available resources. A universal and sustainable environment must be created for a happier late stage of life of human beings and the planet. The anti-ageing era is over. The pro-aging generation must start. Infrastructures, services and the built environment, both virtual and physical, must be sculpted around today’s boomers (soon-to-be old), alpha and pro-alfa generations’ believes and needs in 50 years.

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