We are an interdisciplinary communication and architecture practice focused on developing strategies for the social needs of tomorrow. Founded in 2015 by Adalberto Lonardi, we specialize in architecture and visual communication concepts. We seek for simple, straightforward solutions, bold aesthetics, and meaningful narratives to develop projects that will contribute to the empowerment of the community. A balanced compromise between creativity and methodology describe the approach to our everyday design. Contact us for a consultation.


Royal College of Art
OGM plant
Swisscare Research
Garda Metal Works
La Fenice


Royal College of Art (UK)
Fabrica (IT)
Domaine de Boisbuchet (FR)
Sabine Marcelis (NE)
Dossofiorito (IT)
Noviembre Studio (ES)
Cuarto Interior (ES)
Territorio Creativo (IT)

We constantly look fornew projects and collaborations.

If you are a potential client or interested in collaborating with us, please send an email or reach us through the social media accounts listed below. Our goal is to create healthy relationships to co-build a happy future for the new and old generations.


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General enquiries

Adalberto Lonardi is an Italian designer with a passion for Architecture, Visual Communication, and the Social Environment. His fields of interest span across children and adults education, social integration, and community empowerment. In the last ten years, Adalberto, graduated from the Royal College of Art (RCA) and the European Institute of Design (IED), led various projects in the design and communication field collaborating with European and international companies including Royal College of Art, FABRICA (Benetton), Domaine de Boisbuchet, Nahrin Swisscare, OGM-plant, Allegrini, and Kerstin Florian International.